Monthly Deposit Plan
Amount Period Total Special Discount Eligible Amount
500 360 Days 6000 500 6500
1000 360 Days 12000 1000 13000
2000 360 Days 24000 2000 26000

500,1000, 2000, 5000
Deposit Valid after 360 days =
Value of Gold will be 360 days deposited amount plus
one month special discount

Terms & Conditions
1) Monthly amount should be deposited any date with in the respective month.
2) When you fill the form there you have to write the amount you want to deposit every month, So you have to pay the same amount every month.
3) If you fail to deposit the money for a particular month then you can give it to the next month but this facility is applicable only once.
4) After a certain month if you are not able to pay your deposit then after completion of your scheme period your deposited money will be adjusted by purchase of ornaments. In that respect you will not get any special discount.
5) ) Please check the signature of the cashier at the time when you give your deposit amount and also tell cashier to write the amount in words in your card.
6) After your scheme period is over, your product will be delivered to you depending upon the current gold rate and the making charge of the ornaments.
7) At the time of delivery of ornaments please check the Hallmark stamp.
8) You will get 10% discount on making charge.
9) If someone buys the ornament during this scheme then he/she will get the discount of 10% on making charge. And it should be readymade ornament
10) If any family member of the depositor buys a full ornament collection in cash then he/she will get a discount of 10% on making charge.

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